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In-The-Water Boat Shows

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  In-The-Water Boat Shows business.

  Business Overview

  What is the difference between a 'in-the-water boat show' and a boat show that takes place in an arena or complex? Water. Organizing and hosting in-the-water boat shows that feature privately-owned boats for sale is a very easy business to establish and operate. The boat shows can take place at marinas or other docking facilities. Business revenues can be earned by charging boat owners a fee for displaying their boat for sale at the show, or by collecting a commission on the value of the boats sold at the show. Additional revenues can also be earned by renting sales booths to retailers of boating products. The vendor booths can be setup on a floating barge, pontoon boat, or even right on the docks. Marketing the in-the-water boat shows is best executed by advertising the event in boating magazines and publications.
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