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Paint Touch-Up Service

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  Paint Touch-Up Service business.

  Business Overview

  Big profits await the enterprising entrepreneur who starts an automotive paint touch-up service. There is an unlimited supply of potential clients and the demand for the service has been on a steady increase for the past decade and shows no sign of slowing down. The equipment required for operating the business is available at most automotive supply centers. The business can be operated right from a truck, van, or even a hatchback car. While it does require some skill to be able to effectively operate the business and perform paint touch-up services, the learning curve is not very steep and, with some practice, can easily be mastered by a novice over the course of a few months. Current rates for automotive paint touch-up services start at about $50 for a basic scratch to be painted and buffed, and can go as high a $200 for more difficult paint touch-up jobs.
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