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Replacement Hoses And Fittings Service

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  Replacement Hoses And Fittings Service business.

  Business Overview

  Delays in construction due to equipment failures can cost contractors and property developers thousands of dollars for every hour that heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and backhoes, are unable to operate. This fact creates a wonderful opportunity for an entrepreneur with mechanical skills to start a business that sells and installs pressure hoses and fittings for heavy equipment on a mobile basis. The key to success in this service is to provide clients with fast and reliable service. A cell phone for incoming inquiries would be an absolute must. Careful research must be conducted to learn exactly what types of hoses and fittings are the most popular in terms of repair. But beyond that and a good reliable service van, that is all that is required to get this dynamite moneymaker off the ground and earning you big profits.
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