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Mobile Refueling Service

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  Mobile Refueling Service business.

  Business Overview

  A mobile refueling service may require a big initial investment, but this business has an even bigger potential to earn enormous profits. That is the best way to describe a mobile refueling service. A mobile refueling service will take a lot of money to establish, as the minitanker truck alone can cost as much as $100,000. However, the truck and other required equipment for the business could be leased as a way to keep initial start-up costs to a minimum. There is one main customer for this type of unique service: contractors with heavy earth-moving machinery. Earth-moving equipment is thirsty for fuel, and you cannot simply head down the road for a quick fill-up in a bulldozer. Most commercial contractors with heavy equipment utilize what is known as a mobile refueling service. The key to success in this business is to be on-call and ready to refuel equipment seven days a week. Revenue is generated by charging a premium for the fuel over gas pump prices, typically in the range of 20 to 30 cents a gallon. There are regulations in this industry, so be sure to carefully research the business and local market prior to establishing the service.
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