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Online Auto E-Mall

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  Online Auto E-Mall business.

  Business Overview

  Here is a terrific little online business venture you can establish right in your own city. Best of all, it has the potential to be expanded to service every city across the United States and Canada. An online auto e-mall is simply a Web site that contains a grouping of automotive-related businesses from one specific community or city. These companies can include new and used car dealers, mechanics garages, gas stations, auto body paint shops, car rental agencies, car washes, and so on. The purpose of an auto e-mall is to create a convenient one-stop online directory for people looking for automotive products and services within a particular community. This type of community Web site also saves participating businesses thousands of dollars in individual Web site development and maintenance. In exchange for an annual listing fee, your customers would receive a listing or spot in the auto e-mall that when clicked on would link to a separate Web page within the site that outlined details about their products and services. The Web site can be promoted in local print publications and by utilizing Internet marketing techniques, such as search engine registration. Be sure to have signs made that promote the Web site. These signs can be displayed at participating business locations.
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