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  Travel Cheap Books And Guides business.

  Business Overview

  Each year thousands of graduating university and collage students embark on vacations to every corner of the planet as the 'last hoorah' prior to starting careers and families. And starting a business that develops, publishes, and distributes 'how-to travel cheap' books and guides aimed specifically at this segment of the travel market is a fantastic business enterprise to set in motion. If you're not a well-seasoned traveler yourself, you can still start this business simply by enlisting the services of people who are experts in the field of traveling on a limited budget. The simplest way to get things rolling is to post advertisements on various Internet newsgroups seeking information about ways to 'travel cheap' from people who have firsthand experience. Once the information has been gathered, simply compile the information into book form and away you go. Considerations will include publishing, marketing, and distribution methods.
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