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Pets Welcome Vacations

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  Pets Welcome Vacations business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a travel business that focuses specifically on providing vacation and tour options that include the family pet is the focus of this business opportunity. Most tour and vacation packages that are currently available on the market make no provisions for family pets. In fact, most have a no pets allowed policy, and this situation creates a tremendous opportunity for the entrepreneur with initiative to capitalize on, by starting a travel booking agency that exclusively features 'Pets Welcome' vacation packages. The first step to establishing this novel travel business is to organize a list of hotels, resorts, airlines, and tour operators that will allow pets to participate in the family holiday experience. The next step will be simply to start marketing the 'pets welcomed' vacation packages and tours. This can be accomplished by advertising and promoting the business and vacation packages via the Internet, and by a direct-mail campaign targeted at pet owners, pet trainers, vets, and all related businesses in the pet industry.
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