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Backpacking Vacations

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  Backpacking Vacations business.

  Business Overview

  Backpacking and hiking are two of the world's most popular recreational outdoor activities, so it seems logical that a travel business that specializes in operating backpacking and hiking tours would be a wise choice for a travel business start-up. There are various approaches that can be taken in terms of an operating format for the business. One approach may be to offer clients an all-inclusive vacation package, which could include transportation, overnight camping, meals, and numerous activities. An alternate approach is to offer travelers 'minibackpacking excursions' while on vacation. This approach would best be marketed by establishing alliances in the local area of the business operation to act as booking agents for the excursions. Excellent alliances to build would be with restaurants, hotels, travel agents, and local activities booking agents. The one day or mini excursion option would greatly reduce the amount of start-up capital required to set the business in motion. This approach may also enable the business to be operated on a part-time or seasonal basis, which can also be of benefit to the entrepreneur seeking a secondary means of income.
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