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Canoe And Kayak Tours

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  Canoe And Kayak Tours business.

  Business Overview

  Are you searching for a travel related recreation business that has tremendous opportunity for growth, profit potential, and a whole lot of fun? If so, why not consider starting a canoe and kayak tour business. A canoe and kayak tour business can be easily operated and managed from a homebased location, or can be operated in conjunction and with existing businesses such as a marina, resort, or waterfront tourist attraction. There are also various options available for the method in which a canoe and kayak tour business can be operated, including day excursion format, overnight, multiday format, or an operating format that combines canoe and kayak instruction as well as a general pleasure tour. A few key considerations in terms of starting and operating this business include:
  *. Liability and general business insurance
  *. Transportation and equipment requirements
  *. First aid and safety requirements and qualifications
  *. Qualifications for tour leaders
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