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True Crime Writer

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  True Crime Writer business.

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  Murderous tales of love and larceny, or stories about the strangest, stupidest, or most twisted true crimes are spectacles of public fascination. Writing stories about true crimes isn't only a fun and interesting line of work, but it can also potentially earn you a substantial living. Once again, this type of writing is typically done on a freelance basis, unless your intentions are to write a novel about a true crime, or multiple true crimes. Potential purchasers for the articles can include newspapers, magazines, and short story publishers. A good entry point into this type of writing is to document a local crime that has taken place in your community and submit the story to the local newspaper for publishing. This starting method is not likely to generate revenues initially. However, any work that you can get published is a good starting point for building valuable experience and contacts within the publishing industry.
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