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City Attraction Guides

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  City Attraction Guides business.

  Business Overview

  Every community and city in North America has tourist attractions that deserve to be featured in an attraction guide. Starting a business that creates, produces, and sells city attractions guides is a fantastic new venture to get rolling. The guides can include information such as the best tourist attractions, the best shopping districts, the best restaurants and hotels, and historical information about the city. There are also a couple of options in terms of generating revenues and profits for the business. The first is to sell the guides to local tourist-related business on a wholesale basis, so that the business can retail the guides to their guests and clients. The second and preferred method of generating sales for the business is to distribute the guides for free, and sell advertising space to local merchants wishing to advertise their products and services in the city attraction guide. Once established and proven successful, this type of unique enterprise is the ideal business to expand nationally on a franchise basis to qualified operators.
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