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Online Strange News and Tales

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  Online Strange News and Tales business.

  Business Overview

  News of the weird, strange, and fascinating can be the focus of a new and profitable online business enterprise. Society as a whole can never get enough of weird and wonderful tales, news, and twisted facts; thus, an opportunity to profit. There are a few ways to go about getting started. The first is to develop a Web site dedicated to bringing people strange news, stories, and tales online. In addition to the strange stories and tales you post, visitors could also post news of the strange if you include a chat room. Renting advertising space and perhaps plugging in a retail mall or hyperlinking to an online retail mall selling consumer goods would earn income. Another idea is to forego developing a Web site and opt to create a weekly 'news of the strange' column that could be sold to numerous webmasters to be featured in their Web sites as content.
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