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Deep Fried or Baked Chicken Skins

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  If you like Pork Rinds then you'll love Chicken Skins! No meat, no bones, just plain fat, skin, and tons of flavor. You can even add hot wing sauce to the mix or bar-b-que or cajun or any other type of coatings or flavors. Just make them bite sized and bag them up then ship them to the local grocery store for everyone to buy and enjoy!
Personally, I only like the skin anyway. We could also add (since this fits with the Adkins Diet) a lower fat content and bake these chicken skins for the health conscious. Chicken is good for you and tastier than the usual Dorito or Sun Chip. It's time the World had a new snack and I think this is it. They could even be shaped exactly like a potato chip or any other shape you like or find handy when on the go!
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