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Moisture Removing Reusable Ball

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  What this product is, is a solid ball of rock salt contained within a porous plastic ball that is slightly bigger. It is made to be used in the dryer again and again with replacement balls of rock salt. What is better at evaporating or removing moisture from clothes than heated rock salt? Rock salt doesn't smell or itch and would leave nothing behind on the clothes.
  This reusuable ball dries clothes in less time and does a better job of removing the water from your washables making it economical to use and to reuse. It starts to disolve immediately in the dryer and continues to aid drying continuously until the washable are no longer moist; they are clean and dry. It does no damage to the washables at all and leaves no residue behind on the washables. No trace of salt left. Just throw the ball into the dryer everytime you dry your washables and use half the time and half the electricity which, is so expensive these days. Saving time and money.
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