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A suitcase with a folding seat

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If you are a person who travels a lot you know that it can be very tiresome to wait for the flight. Many flights depart with a delay; among charters the value of delays reaches 50%. If you wait for the flight in the check-in area you have to stand as there are no vacant seats there. Your legs and back begin to ache after standing for a long time. I can provide you with a solution to this problem.
A suitcase with a folding seat of a Sitting Pretty series (Walkin'Bag trademark) are more likely to be named as a trolley with a bag attached. Such trolleys are very functional. They have not only folding seats but also pull-out handles which can be set in 6 positions so as to be used by people of different height. The bag is made of water-resistant polyester and is fastened to the frame with special buckles. The bag also has several sections for gadgets inside and a pocket for a water bottle or an umbrella outside.
The weight limit for the folding seat is 400 pounds. Of course big people won't feel comfortable on the seat surface of 0.75 ft * 0.75 ft size but the others will.
The suitcases with different seats colour and modification are sold on The price is $125 - $165.
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