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Shower manager

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    Why not control family showering times without saying a word or knocking on the bathroom door? New technology can restore peace and harmony to your daily shower time living.
    The shower manager fits to existing shower heads. You program in a shower time that best fits your family lifestyle. Once this time has expired, the device cuts the flow of water by 2/3, leaving just enough flow to finish rinsing.
    It is family friendly too. A 60-second tone alerts the bather of the change in flow and a 5-minute reset interval prevents extending the shower.
    Long showers are often tolerated as few solutions were available. They ranged from hours-glass timers on the low end to large and expensive devices that require electrical connections and professional installation. The inexpensive timers were a reminder only, as they did nothing to restrict the water flow. The more expensive devices are more for commercial applications.
    The shower manager provides results you will like, day after day. Just think, no more shower time hassles and no more cold water showers. Many parents find it a device they "could not live without." Rarely does a conservation device have such a positive impact on both the family lifestyle and the family budget!
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