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Heat Resistant Body Lotion or Hand Cream

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  A cream, gel, or lotion that obsorbs into all layers of the skin much like a dermalogical type skin cream but, alot like a sun tan lotion as well. It would coat the outer layers and also, the inner layers of the skin. When the layer is outside it would prevent all heat from penetrating into the skin thus, allowing all heat to disapate. The inner layers are added protection. It would not be slippery and would allow you to pick up anything. It would be made from chemicals that easily absorb into the skin layers but, also is thick enough to sit on top. It would also be made of materials that resist heat that can be found in all forms from plastics to types of oven gloves and asbestos but, would not be cancerous. You could apply it to your skin, hair, or any where you didn't want to be burnt.
  If you can simply apply sun tan lotion to your hands and rub it in until it is saturated then, turn your hot water on full heat and stick in your hands. You will find that your hands are still cool and protectected if you are preventing penatration of all heat into the skin simply by changing your skin temporarily. Right? It would also be water proof and only come off with soap unless you work as a dish washer then you would want the kind that would have to wear off when working in hot water. If you are a cook then grabbing a hot handle of a pot or pan, it would allow you to do that too.
  You could add a sun tan lotion UVA/UVB protection from the sun even skin conditioner or everything added to it to make a multi-purpose cream or lotion. If you clean bathrooms you might want this cream to have protection from bacteria, HIV, and diseases. The possibilities are endless when you are impervious to all heat and hot things. You could add anything to it to fit your job and never fear getting burnt.
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