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Better Tasting Breast Milk

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  There are many health benefits to a baby drinking fresh breast milk directly from the mother. But, sometimes they wont feed. I did some serious research and it turns out that changing the taste of the milk before it comes out is very easy to do. Breast milk inside a woman can change it's taste by many factors. They are certain drugs (prescription) and chemicals that alter the flavor. Also, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine change the flavor.
  We just need to find a safe drug and chemical mixture to make the milk taste sweet or better to the baby so that it craves the fresh breast milk from the breast directly. If the baby likes the taste of the milk coming out then it will drink more and grow faster and be healthier. A mother's breast will produce more than enough milk to feed a baby. It is just getting the baby to drink enough. If we find the right, safe, combination or alteration to a drug or chemical to make the milk taste better than we have a brighter future for our children. We can manufacture pills that the mother could take every day that would alter the flavor from natural to fresher or better or sweeter or whatever a baby likes best to taste. Better tasting milk makes a much happier baby!
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