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Compressed Powderized Paper Pill Binder

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  Today's pill binders are usually sucrose (sugar) or lactose (like a milk product) which taste bad and sit very hard on the stomach making you feel sick for at least a short while but, if we use a compressed powderized paper as a binder for all pills then they would taste better (because you can't make chewable pills out of sucrose or lactose due to the bad taste) they could be flavored and when stomache acid hits paper, it seperates and temporarily coats your stomache like an ant-acid where your stomache would actually feel better rather than worse. Then it breaks down and passes through your system without any trouble. Many people make their own pills at home and powderized paper would be a great binder and it would cost much less that sugar or lactose. Also, alot of people are allergic to lactose or are lactose intolerant and would need the sucrose which makes pills more expensive or unavailable to that particular consumer. You could also make all of your pills chewable because paper will hold a good taste and is tasteless to begin with which means that it will hold a new flavor easily.
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