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No limits for meal portion sizes, bye bye willpower, when that nightly craving arises, now routine movements act as our exersizes, no fine print, false promises, or dissapointing surprises, just a healthier new you, needing smaller clothing sizes!

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I can psychologically determine what triggers your weight or health problems, eating habits, food choices, lack of variety in your diet, or anorexic/bulemic/and-or binging habits. I plans out every weeks meals, snacks, and dessert, and I help you interestingly and creatively, invent some physical routines, that you won't realize it's your day's exersize. Through personalization, learning what your self image is, your past history with portions, habits, nutrition, cooking, tips, substitution eating, and coaching.......together we can easily get you where you want to be!!! I was 300lbs......and after a decade of analyzing my obsession, it took one phrase....."It will always be available, so I'm not missing out today! Today I'm feeling confident, healthy, energized, happy, and lighter every day!" I had a belief, that if i didn't eat and buy all my favorite's at the same time, I wouldn't feel the key is to figure out why is food your temporary filler??? And what does it route from that you can change?
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