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Earbuds that will monitor cranial pressure non-invasively

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    The idea is to develop a set of earbuds that will provide a non-invasive method of monitoring pressure inside the skull.
    Usually, intercranial pressure is measured by drilling a hole in the skill and inserting a catheter--a process that is both expensive and somewhat risky, and therefore used only in serious cases. The earbuds, in contrast, will be used in cases that won't require such extreme procedures, but will still benefit from pressure monitoring.
    The earbuds will monitor the pressure in the skull by emitting different frequencies and measuring the changes in the sound waves as they pass through the brain. As the blood flow in the brain varies, so do the tones, with a narrowing of the blood vessels causing the tones to rise in pitch. The data will then be analyzed in real-time by a Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone.
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