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Water purifier

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    The new water purifier will be a portable, low-power system that will simplify the process of bringing clean water to rural areas.
    The purifier will work by boiling the water until it turns to steam, which will then be compressed back to liquid water in a pure, distilled form. A hose attached to the device will be inserted into the water - be it ocean water, a mud puddle or even liquid from a chemical waste site. The water will be drawn into the purifier and heated to its boiling point, then sent to an evaporator where it will be heated again. Steam from the evaporator will be sent to a compressor, which will raise the steam's temperature above 212 F and send it to a chamber with walls of 212 F, filtering the water even more by venting out contaminant gases. The pure water will condense on the walls and then drip into the final chamber, where it can then be dispensed.
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