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Smart skis know where the wax goes

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    To take some of the guesswork out of waxing skis, the smart skis from will be equipped with microchips that will allow the user to know exactly where they should apply the wax.
    For elite cross-country skiers, the placement of the wax can make the difference between a gold medal and an honorable mention. The smart skis will feature an embedded microchip that will contain information about the ski's design and material, which can be accessed via the accompanying app. When the user is ready to tackle the trails, they can download the ski's data by placing their smartphone near the ski, and then enter their height and weight to determine the ideal areas to apply the wax. The skis can also keep track of each outing using the GPS on the user's phone, and the technology could be used in-store to make it easier for ski shop owners to help customers choose the best fitting skis for their body type.
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