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Desktop assistant will help promote better habits

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    Designed with freelance and other independent workers in mind, the desktop assistant will help the user develop more efficient work habits.
    Featuring an inviting squishy top and a small LCD screen, the device concept will use gamification to help individuals manage their time. By accessing the user's online organization systems, such as apps and calendars, the device will create a to do list based on the user's own input. Throughout the day, it will display messages on its screen: reminders to complete a task, such as sending an email, or to simply take a break and get up and stretch. It will also edit the distracting feeds of social media sites at certain times of the day, when focus is a priority.
    Users will be able to specify the habits they want to reinforce, and, over time, the device will learn the individual's patterns. This will allow the device to give feedback and encourage positive growth.
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