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Device to help prevent alcohol-related accidents

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    The device will help reduce the danger of alcohol-infused socializing by sending an alert that will allow friends to step in if the wearer seems dangerously intoxicated.
    Research has long established that over-consumption of alcohol is the largest contributor to sexual assault on campuses. To help reduce those numbers, I suggest creating an inconspicuous wristband that will monitor the user for dehydration as well as any unusual movements, such as weaving or passing out. And since the device will be developed on the premise that the wearer is not aware of their level of intoxication, the device will trigger an alert automatically instead of needing the user to press a button.
    It will be connected via Bluetooth to paired smartphones within the social group, and the smartphones could then work together to locate a friend if the need arise. Also, the bands could be connected directly to each other, which could allow for some level of communication and accountability without needing a smartphone at all.
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