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Micro needles will deliver medications to the eye

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    A micro needle method of delivering medication directly to the eye could offer a more efficient way to treat two of the world's leading eye diseases.
    Delivering medication directly to the eye is a powerful way to treat eye diseases, but many people are understandably reluctant to have a needle come close to their eyes. And while eye drops are an option, their delivery is less than ideal and patient compliance is spotty.
    The new drug delivery method will use micro needles that will penetrate only to a certain depth and can target specific areas of the eye. The micro needle array will inject the medication into the area of the eye that produces the aqueous humor, and the specially designed viscosity of the drug will ensure it remains in place near the injection site. The micro needle array could also be implanted in the eye to deliver a constant flow of medication, eliminating the need to apply daily eye drops.
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