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Stereo Undistorted Hearing Aid Head Phones

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  If you can't hear well or hardly at all then placing a set of head phones over hearing aids doesn't work. Either you can't understand it at all or you hear nothing but distortion and definitely not quality stereo. If we made hearing aides that had wires (or wireless transmission) to directly plug into all audio equipment then the hearing impaired could have a great full stereo sound and quality for their hearing enjoyment. Since you can't simply place head phones over hearing aids then you could have the hearing aid plugged directly into your audio for optimal sound quality. There is a big difference between ear buds for people with good hearing and the special shape and settings of hearing aides that go deep into the ear directly contacting their ear drums in order for them to hear at all. Imagine trying to use head phones and hearing aides? They just don't match. They distort each other, and the settings for both are completely different. Combining the direct connection from the hearing aid to the stereo audio sound of any device (music, books on CD, DVDs, computers, any audio, etc.) gives them an equal chance at enjoying experiences with quality audio from their audio devices that simply can't be avoided in any one's life!
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