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  Have you ever read the top ten best seller list and knew that you just don't have the time to read ten books a month? Now you can watch ten books a day. With a more thorough dialogue and a full reading of every word in the book put into a watchable format played out like a movie or soap opera then, the seeing can watch the book they meant to read and the blind can hear the book through decent speakers played out by many characters and real time sound. Unlike the books on tape they listen to now wear, you hear several people and see or read several people instead of only one. Also, the deaf can watch the show and read along with the subtitles on that channel.
  Really the best TV I can think to watch and the best part is everyone including the elderly with impairments and those with permanent blindness or deafness can all take in the same shows that we want to watch. I know I would watch it and it should be included with all basic cable so, everyone that can't afford all the extras can watch too. We then have a nation of well read people all reading from the TV or watching the best selling books in two to four hours rather than spending two weeks too a month for one book. And for those religious type, you could have your bibles fully read to you in a few episodes! I would also like to catch up on some of those old classic books I always meant too watch. With millions of great books, it makes a never ending supply of TV.
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