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Mildew, Rot, Grime, Mold Killing Caulking

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  We have so-called mildew proof caulking, but it is always filled with mildew and rot. If we add the agents or compounds to the caulking that kills mold, mildew, and rot, then we have a caulking that would last forever and never look bad and never need to be replaced every year in an average bath or shower. We just add the cleaning agents directly into the caulking, and fuse it together until it cleans itself, indefinitely. Who doesn't have caulking somewhere in their house, where it is important to either be clean or look clean. It can cause health prolems. Especially if you are sensitive to aquiring a problem or allergy to it. We need only to add the right mixture to it, then the mold, rot, and mildew, just wont show up at all. You could even add teflon coatings to it, so that it didn't collect any grime either. A perfect solution to the so-called mildew proof caulking, because it is not mildew proof. A new chemical which is used every day and is safe to be around and would cause no health problems when around it. Like the common house hold cleaners you would use to clean the problem areas in the first place.
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