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Tapered Spring

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  An actual tapered steel spring that is a special tool for connecting one or more things. You simply compress both sides inward, and then insert the two or more ends of whatever objects you are trying to connect. This is more of an engineering idea that can be used in millions of purposes. I can imagine toys with plastic tapered springs, that connect to each other in such a way that it creates a shape that has qualities in mathematical computation, and can shrink to a very small size and gain in great size. It has industrial use, house hold use (such as a towel holder), or any other area or use imaginable. It is a spring that is small at the two or more ends and larger in the center making two or more things. It reminds me of the Chinesse Yo-Yo or, the finger cuffs. You would have to compress the spring together to get any thing apart, since a tapered spring can hold so tight that you couldn't pull it apart by your own strength. The strongest, most useful, spring ever made.
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