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Amazing Scientific Novelty (decorative gadget for your desk)

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  This idea is about a magnetic ball bearing floating inside an electro-magnetic bowl. An iron bowl plugged into a wall outlet making it switch from one pole to the other as need and sensed by a simple electrical switch with a magnetic polished iron ball bearing being lifted above the bowl by magnetic forces.
  Since the bowl is round, making the shape of magnetic force trap the ball within the bowl. If the bowl is large enough and the ball heavy enough, the ball would constantly spin and never touch any surface and just float in mid-air never leaving the inside of the bowl. As the ball starts to stick to the bowl due to polarity change, sensors activate in areas of the bowl, pushing the ball back away from the sides of the bowl. The bowl would have many strips or areas or contact points of magnetic elecrticity sensors and each would have the ability to shift the magnetic properties in polarity as needed. The bowl shifts to the same polarity as the ball bearing within the bowl on a constant basis but in many places throughout the bowl. So many different points that change in polarity that the ball never has the chance to touch the bowl at all. A ball bearing has two polarities but, an electro magnet can have either polarity seperately switching between the two or just being one polarity all the time.
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