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Ionizers. How to select an ionizer.

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    Each of us once in life wanted to leave the stuffy apartment and to go somewhere outside the city, away from the smog and the exhaust to breath with pure sea or mountain air.
    Even in perfectly clean apartment with a daily wet cleaning and airing we still suffocate and feel that we do not have that pure air.
    Why is this happening?
    There are particles in the air which are called air ions, positively and negatively charged. They are ranked as light, medium, and heavy. The presence of air ions in the pure air is an environmental human need.
    In the natural ecology the main source of oxygen enriched with ions are conifers. Charged particles are also provided in the air during a thunderstorm, with ultraviolet rays, due to radon release from the Earth's crust. These charged particles are also common in the area near waterfalls.
    Unfortunately, we cannot plant the entire city with pines or firs, cause a thunderstorm and not everyone has an opportunity to live next to a waterfall:
    Thanks to the scientists and doctors, today we know about such a phenomenon as ionization of the air, i.e. positive and negative air ions formation in the atmosphere under the influence of natural sources of ionization. Devices that split the air molecules into positive and negative air ions are called ionizers.
    The air passed through air cleaners and air conditioners is "dead". There are few substances that people need in such an artificial atmosphere. This can lead to a workability decrease. Moreover, people can become sick with various diseases. Air cleaners, humidifiers and ionizers are all not an option. Ordinary cleaners and ionizers do not take into account the specific conditions: the increased air ions and ozone concentration is also harmful.
    The number of positive and negative ions and their ratio in the atmosphere varies greatly because of geography, time of the year, weather conditions and also air pollution. Indoors ions are absorbed by the plastic, i.e. in the city, in apartments and offices the ion concentration is very low and actually we feel this.
    In the air we breathe, there always are particles of both polarities. This means that our body needs both positively and negatively charged ions. Therefore, we should use bipolar ionizers.
    Nevertheless, not all people understand why bipolar ionizers should be used when there are unipolar ones which are cheaper. In fact, many sellers do not have sufficient information about the ionizer and there is no clear guidance on proper use in the instructions.
    Thus, the impact of positive and negative ions in the air contribute to the immunity strengthening, fatigability reduction, the better running of certain diseases, psychological condition improving, healthy sleep. The ions also help to reduce a number of bacteria and fungi in the room.
    With bipolar ionizer the apartment air is cleaned of dust. Thanks to such ionizers the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from the devices is also removed.

    If you suffer from allergies, the air ionizer will be your faithful friend and doctor. It will fight against the allergens that may be in your apartment.
    Having bought a bipolar air ionizer, you can safely assume that you have done one of the most useful purchases for your own health. The effect of the use you will feel almost at once: your daily mood and health will improve and you will have a healthier and stronger sleep.
Jack Brown
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