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How to please men

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    * Ask him about his business, his profession, stressing that you put his work above everything else and move your own business aside. Ask him for advice and explanations.
    * Tell him that you like his parents, especially his mother.
    * Leave him alone from time to time.
    * Never lose your sense of dignity, do not chase after him.
    * Be always in good spirits, laugh and smile especially when he makes jokes.
    * Do not flirt with anybody and never make him jealous. This is very bad.
    * Do not try to be smarter than he. Let him see that you are independent but he is your only support.
    * Take gifts and money from him cheerfully, gratefully, with great pleasure so as he understands this.
    * Remember that you are a woman and that there is no sense to spend your time on an insensitive blockhead.
    * Love the one who you love with all your heart and trust him.
    * Do not argue with him and hold your tongue with others in his presence.
    * Praise him; admire his intelligence, charm, good looks, especially in public.
    * Encourage his confidence in his power, nobility, diligence, generosity and love for you.
    * Be gentle with him and repeat that you love him and no one will ever love him as you do.
    * Never reproach him. Instead of reproach in rare cases just have a little cry without sobbing.
    * If he wants to kiss you, kiss him joyfully and happily.
    * Do not forget to repeat that intimacy with him gives you pleasure and that this never happened with others (in case he knows that others were).
    * Never be rude with him. Be compliant.
    * Know how to cook, but never make him eat and drink.
    * Avoid men who are stupid, stingy, bums and drunks.
    * And the most important advice: do not forget that LOVE CANNOT BE COMPELLED.

    Just love and be loved.
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