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Smart Routing

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  People drive around all the time. Some people know where they are going, some get lost, and others are slowed by traffic. Some days you get to work with no problems, and other days you run into heavy traffic. There are already systems that tell you how to get to a specific location. There are also some not so familiar systems, that determine the amount of time a light should be green, or red, to help avoid traffic jams (currently used in New York). If we combine the two into one system, I believe we would help avoid traffic jams. In order to do this a person would have to tell a computer where their destination is. This information would go to a main computer containing all the destinations of other cars. Your vehicle would also send out a signal to the main computer telling it where you are at all times. The computer would use formulas to determine what was the best route for every car at that time. This information would be sent back to your vehicle in the form of directions. This computer could also be told where an accident occurred, and then direct traffic around it by sending you new directions. Trial and error would help determine which formulas work best. Different machines could take all the information from previous days and try to come up with new formulas that in theory work better than the ones that were used.
nicholas anthony
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