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Essence of Ashtray (to give up smoking)

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  I smoked for many years not caring about my health, and I smoked I guess because I was depressed... Then I put my nose right next to my ashtray which I had kept half full in a drawer. The smell was ghastly. Before I went to bed I smelt this again, I closed the drawer and vowed I would never smoke again. I think of tobacco as a huge weed - a monster that pervades and eats flesh... when I need a fag, I draw in a quick intake of fresh air and when my hands feel lost I play with a white tube. It's worked for me! Though I confess I am still depressed...
  So, someone please make Essence of Ashtray to help those giving up - in moments of weakness they can uncork this vomitable odour, a quick whiff and your desire to give up is replenished. - And someone please do a picture of this horribly ugly, man-eating monster weed.
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