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Sports journal

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    If you start taking exercises it is a great idea to create a short training journal for yourself.

    What for?
    Firstly, the journal will help you to evaluate your efforts, define mistakes and detect weaknesses.
    Secondly, such a journal can help your trainer to identify your opportunities quicker and more correctly.

    How should a journal be kept?
    Below are several records which can be a good example.
    May 3. Warm-up. Four speeding-ups of 50 meters. Four starts of 30 meters. 15 long jumps. Ran 200 meters twice. Threw a grenade. Slow running and walking.
    May 5: Warm-up. Five speeding-ups of 40 meters. Four low starts. 18 high jumps. Threw a grenade. Jogging - 200 meters. Some rest and jogging two more times - 100 meters. Slow running and walking.
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