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Advices for a philatelist

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    If you decide to collect stamps, remember a few tips:
      1. While you have a few stamps, use stamp albums to hold and sort them by series and theme. Add and pull out the stamps from your stamp album with tweezers.
      2. Cancelled stamps need to be treated preliminarily: remove stamps from envelopes in lukewarm water, dry between sheets of blotting paper, put between the pages of a thick book to straighten.
    The best way is to remove stamps from envelopes with steam. While holding the stamp above the steam use tweezers, otherwise you can burn yourself. Stamp which changes its color is defective!
      3. New, uncancelled stamps in any case cannot be put into water. According to the rules of philately, such stamps are void as they are deprived of glue.
      4. The best stamps albums are the collapsible ones (for ex., albums with a string). They allow to add pages to the album if necessary.
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