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  First of all, I have to say, that my English is not the best, so please don´t blame me. I thought, if it wouldn´t be great to have a software, that could draw a place or Street in 3D, where I could walk virtual through. Bingo, this is Google Earth in the 3D modus, for example in New York.
  The second part of my idea was, that it would be great to walk for example through the 5th avenue in New York and when you look around in your 3D enviroment, you don´t see just grey block, which are standing for the different buildings in the street, as in Goggle Earth. Instead of that, you could take some pictures from the 5th avenue from your last New York trip and pin the photo at the right place in the street in the 3d enviroment. It has to be just the place where you take the photo, so that you could place yourself in front of the virtual photo in the virtual enviroment and see the actual building in front of you. I know, there is a extension for Google earth in combination with that does nearly the same, but without the 3D effect. Now imagine, a lot of people would place their different photos from the 5th avenue in the virtual avenue at the right places and in the end you would get a full 3D picture along the 5th avenue.
  Now the next dimension: when you get this, wouldn´t it be great if you could find for every picture the year when it was taken. So every contributor of a picture has to find the year for his picture. Then put every picture in relation to the year. Now, if you find enough pictures for the 5th avenue from enough years, you could walk through the street virtual in time (choose the year you want to walk) and space. Beside that it would be a great work of internet collaboration, like a Photo wiki. What do you think?
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