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Car accidents are stressful enough, but a special application can help take some of the burden off by providing the information drivers need to document an accident. The app will come with a checklist and on-the-scene accident tools, guiding the user through each step that will need to occur in the moments after an accident. It will provide easy access to emergency numbers, a GPS to help record the accident's location, a flashlight, and a voice recorder. It also will also...
Don't you hate how the time that a yellow light at an intersection veries from light to light intersection to intersection. You think you have enough time to go through the intersection on a yellow light but you end up entering on a red light because the light changed quicker than you thought... Here is the sullution... when approaching an intersection that has stoplights there should be a yellow line painted on the road that would act as a guide line. If the speed limit in that area is lets...