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Most of you Im sure have played the classic board game Operation. You know the one where you are the doctor and you have to remove bones and such from the nerdy looking fellow on the operating table with a pair of tweezers all without touching the sides and making the buzzer light up...Well for some of you thats enough to entertain you and a couple of friends for a good 45 minutes or so but there are some of us that need alittle more than a blinking red light and a buzzer to be able to have a...
Have you heard about that new awesome game? Square Shooters is a game featuring the first ever deck of cards on dice. The dices are designed so that one can roll winning hands for poker, rummy, blackjack, war, and more. Players flip a game card which shows one of many common playing card hands. Then they have up to three rolls of the dice to match the hand shown. If they get the hand, they win scorkeeping chips. Chips are awarded based upon the difficulty of the hand. ...