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The idea is to create a wearable device to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis through light instead of medication. The battery-powered device will be simple to use, with only a single on/off button. It will be equipped with an array of 40 high-intensity LEDs that will shine UV-free, blue light onto the skin - a therapy that has been proven to reduce the rate at which the cells divide. The device will fit both the arms and legs and can be worn at any time, making it easier to...
Dr. Gibbson
It will be great to have a device to help doctors identify suspicious moles that may require a biopsy. The device will scan for molecules with relative concentrations characteristic of melanoma. Shining a laser light on the molecular bonds will cause a shift in the reflected light, which will enable the doctors to identify the types and concentration of molecules, and whether or not a biopsy is necessary. With such a technology it will be possible to reduce the number of...