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The idea is to create a solar backpack which will store energy for later use. The backpack will be able to store 30 minutes of power with an hour of sun exposure, and the onboard battery will be plugged into a standard outlet and recharged The backpack will also have two ports, one supplying 16v or 19v while the other will run 5v to 12v, suitable for smaller devices.
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If you want your hiking boots not to become wet, saturate them thoroughly. Here is one recipe of impregnation: * 40 weight parts of cod-liver oil; * 10 weight parts of wax; * 3 weight parts of turpentine. Warm up this mixture and add 20 weight parts of glycerine. Apply the impregnation on dry, clean boots. Then allow the boots to dry in the open air (best in the sun) and apply the impregnation for the second time. WARNING: Never smear your...