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A shoe with an integrated GPS system will provide real time tracking, making keeping track of family and patients with dementia a simpler task. The system will use a low power two way GPS to constantly track the wearer in real time, allowing caregivers to receive an alert on their cell phone if their charge wanders out of range.
My idea is to create a service which will provide elderly people with extra conveniences for living in their houses, i.e. suggest design changes to make their life easier. For example, kitchens could have contrasting worktops to improve visual orientation; mixer taps are recommended to have one handle; there could be extra handrails in a bathroom as well as a seat in a shower, etc. Highly skilled specialists will inspect the house and advice many design ideas for you to make your...
House call by a child sleep adviser is a new service popular among young American parents. The help of such consultants is not cheap ($200 - $800), which is practically comparable to the cost of business consultants. The principle of the sleep consultant is the same - he analyzes the causes of anxiety, various stressful situations and develops a plan how to improve them, teach parents the right approach to communicating with the child. Consultant's advice is a simple practical...
Do not praise your child for the things that he does successfully for a long time. Mention the things that the child couldn't do but now can. Do not praise for the things that should be a norm. If you admire the fact that your elder son hasn't struck a younger one for the whole day, then both children will feel that this behavior is rather an exception than a rule. Take care of a praise formulation, form it so that the child does not doubt in your sincerity. Do not...
People, who are married, live on 5-15 years longer than those who are not married, divorced or widowed. But according to German doctors the causation there is reverse: people have partners for life because they are capable of longevity. That's what the English physician William Farr wrote about this in 1858: "Cretins do not get married, idiots are not married too, outcasts are united but get married seldom. Criminals by birth and upbringing rarely find their spouses. Many...
The verdict of British scientists: a multi-year affair with no obligations or an extramarital affair enhances mental health of men, but the stamp in the passport makes women happier. After having observed the health of several thousand American women for 13 years, the members of the Pittsburgh University have found a connection between marital status of research participants and the state of their cardiovascular system. Successfully married women suffer from hypertension and...
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