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A postcard is one of the easiest ways to congratulate a colleague, friend or acquaintance with a holiday. The only difficulty there is to choose an original and unusual card. Today, it is not a problem since postcards manufacturers provide us with a huge variety of shapes and designs. In today's market one can find cards of any format and size, to fit any taste and any occasion. It seemed that nothing new could be suggested in this field of business? But designers and artists are...
To rent is much better than to purchase. There are many advantages: * One can use expensive things and pay just a small percentage of their value; * It is money and time saving. There are sometimes quite unusual services in price lists of some rental companies. If rental toys, design clothes and accessories, evening and wedding dresses are quite common, then rental people are at least unexpected. A rental agency of bridesmaids was opened in China. According...
Chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, gladioli, carnations are to be presented on anniversaries. For a kid birthday a bouquet of flowers should be small and colorful: for a girl - in pink hues, for a boy - in blue hues. An odd number of flowers should be given: three, five, seven pieces. Large bouquets are given in exceptional cases or on special occasions. Note: do not give identical bouquets to men and women, young and old people. Men (usually for the anniversary)...