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The idea is to develop a system that will use the weight of traffic and pedestrians to generate electricity. The system will consist of an array of sturdy ramp-steps (made of a tire-like polymer) that will be set into the street. The ramps will protrude about two inches above the surface, and will be pushed down momentarily when a car drives over them, which will cause them to exert pressure on a set of bellows below the ramp. The bellows will then expel their air through a hose,...
My idea is to use piezoelectricity to generate energy. Piezoelectricity is the charge that accumulates in response to applied mechanical strain, such as the vibrations of vehicles driving on roads. The piezoelectric sensors are inexpensive and can be installed during regular repaving. When utilized on a single lane, two mile stretch of road, the sensors could produce up to 44 megawatts of electricity each year, which is enough to power 30,800 homes for a year.