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A new system that can recognize ripe strawberries in the field could the next step in replacing human farm workers with machines. The system will use four different parts of the magnetic spectrum, including microwaves and far-infrared light to peek beneath the surface of the strawberries and check for ripeness. The new technology could reduce waste by cutting down on the number of unripe strawberries that are picked and could improve efficiency. The similar technology could...
Mr X
Why not develop a robotic golf caddy that will happily carry the user's clubs and never expect a tip? The robot will be programmed to follow an individual, moving at walking speed and automatically stopping when the user stops, or it will be driven by remote control. Lightweight and foldable, it will be able to travel inclines as much as 30 degrees and carry up to 45 pounds.
It will be really great to have a robot which will be able not only detect motion through walls but also detect the breathing of a stationary person? Its primary goal will be to provide improved situational awareness to soldiers while keeping them out of danger. The robot could also be used in the civilian sector, allowing police and firefighters to locate people within buildings. The robot will travel on caterpillar tracks while the mounted RF scanner will transmit wideband...
Robot controlled by Americas Army 3 Game Software (AA3) that can be deployed anywhere in the world. The master of each robot is a real soldier controlling his robot far away from him while he's inside his office. To avoid ROE, this robot will have identification using MAC address bar coded on top of his head, on his back, on his left and right shoulder and on his right chest. This robot is equipped with assigned weapon (e.g. M16 M4 rifle, 50 Cal, Body armor, GPS, etc...). Here's how:...