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   The application is written for Windows Phone OS and lets you to save money on internet traffic. You can download files that you need only once, store them locally on the device and then use them whenever you want. You can manage the local storage - rename, move, and copy files and directories. You can save files to the Media Library. You can share and manage downloaded files using integrated light FTP server with an FTP client of your choice, you only need to ensure that your phone and your FTP client are on the same local network. Clicking on a file starts the default application associated with the particular file type.
Version: 1.4
Published: Jan 22, 2013
Updated: May 18, 2013
   The white board can be shared among many people and used simultaneously. It is a good solution for presentations, lectures, brainstorming, playing, simply leaving a message etc. Here you can find a gallery of white boards.
   It gives you the ability to draw and chat. Using it is as simple as using a wall white board with the convenience of on-line features. You don't need any special software or plug-ins, you don't need to be registered or logged in, everything is completely anonymous, we don't collect any information from you, just open the link below with your favorite browser which supports HTML5 specification.
Version: 1.20
Published: May 28, 2012
Updated: Nov 4, 2012
   This is a small tool, created as a Windows Gadget, allowing you to set up the start and target date/time and monitor the time passed since the start date and time left to the target date as the number of days, hours or effective hours, excluding the sleep time.
Published: Jan 6, 2012
   The designation of TreeView is to visualize any data structure, represented as a binary or text file, as a tree structure. Functionality of the application can be extended writing additional parsing modules. The basic version contains the module for Active Server Page (ASP) parsing.
   One of the greatest features of the application is that you can use it with an editor of your choice. TreeView can be docked into another application window (editor's window) and it'll be moving and resizing along with the main application. Then you can set up the double-click reaction to display the selected line in the editor thus making the TreeView completely integrated with the other application.
Version: 3.26
Published: Jan 31, 2012
   This utility is designated to control Dacal CD Library devices via USB port. It selects the indicated CD or CDs. It's implemented as a small console application. When you start it the first time it will ask you to enter some configuration information. After you answer those simple questions it saves the configuaration as Dacal.xml file in the same directory (do not delete it). Then, it's ready to work.
Version: 1.01
Published: Jan 31, 2012
   Most likely you remember this game from the very past times. The main idea of it is you should take the game field by cutting it off the top canvas. There are enenies which will try to prevent you from doing it. If an enemy touches you or your cutting line you lose one life. You also lose a life if you go across your own tear. When you lose all of your lives the game is over. What can be easier...
   There is a particular beauty of this version of the game. You can customize the game field, the enemy images and the chopper images, even the levels. Everything is simple. The only thing you need is the industry standard (JPEG or PNG) images. Then you just overwrite existing ones in the "Images" directory and that’s it. You have completely customized game with your favorite pictures. If you want to go further and customize the levels you have to open the LevelsInfo.xml in any text editor and adjust desired parameters. The initial game field layout is in the InitialField.dat. Editing the initial layout is probably the most difficult part. You are going to need some sort of a hex editor. In the file you'll find a field 80 by 60 bytes. 0x00 - means top canvas, 0x80 - means bottom canvas.
Version: 1.3
Published: Mar 31, 2012
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