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Promoting through Wikipedia, is it possible?

Does anyone have any tips on how to promote a new concept or a product through Wikipedia?

Let's say you have a product and want your potential customers, when they search for it, to know about it from Wikipedia, adding reputation to your ideas and raising awareness of your products.

How to do it successfully, without being seen and banned as a spammer?
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Jump-start - no, boosting - sort of...

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  This very idea crossed my mind once - "Why don't tell people about my service on Wikipedia?" I read what others say about it, I read Wikipedia guidelines and the conclusion wasn't promising. It is impossible to get a jump-start from Wikipedia however it is very likely to get some sort of a boost unfortunately when you are not really in a desperate need for it.

  This is one of the major rules for the Wikipedia content publishing:

  * Do not create pages
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