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True Untold Historical Story that is unknown to the public

I have written a true untold historical story that is unknown to the public and has been a family secret for nearly 85 years. Years ago my great aunt was out looking for a job and walked into a famous mans office and applied for a secretary job and was hired on the spot and went to work for DC Stephenson. She knew nothing about him or his business but over time she figured it out and on the same day he went to jail she took and hid his business ledgers. The following day the FBI raided his office and did not find what they were looking for. My story is funny and exciting and tells what people did looking for those ledgers and even after 45 years went by they were still looking for those ledgers.
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  Why don't you try to create a blog or something where you could tell small parts of the story to give people an idea of what this is and how big it can be. If you do it right I guess that sooner or later somebody will pay attention to it and you might be able to bring the story to the next level. After all, we know many examples of becoming famous through youtube.