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If you press enter a bunch of times on an online voting poll that allows you to vote endlessly after entering a code, does it generate more votes? I tried another poll without the codes on the same website and held the enter key down and it...
posted by 85delila: 1 question(s) / 0 answer(s)
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Can anybody explain the car braking physics in simple language but giving mathematical ground? Especially I'm interested to know why the car leans forward and how to calculate the operating forces.
posted by Nitro: 4 question(s) / 3 answer(s)
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My fiancé' is 30yrs old. And within the last year he has had a lot of medical problems. First he had kidney stone (2). After that was having lower abdominal pain (a little to the right) the Doc. examined him, told him his prostates where to...
posted by myheartistaken: 1 question(s) / 0 answer(s)
My apartment is in my aunts name ,I have lived and paid full rent for three years ive never been late on rent and owner is aware im in residence and my aunts not. two days ago we got in a family dispute and my angry aunt told me not to pay...
posted by alicia padilla: 1 question(s) / 0 answer(s)
I have written a true untold historical story that is unknown to the public and has been a family secret for nearly 85 years. Years ago my great aunt was out looking for a job and walked into a famous mans office and applied for a secretary job...
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my friend has a 15kb generator power asia it was stolen last saturday around 5am can we detect it in our cctv cam of mmda and how? kasi diba pwedeng makita ang plate no ng sasakyan na humila ng gerator sasi may 2 gulong ito at hinila daw ng elf na...
posted by charlie buendia: 1 question(s) / 0 answer(s)